Knoxville Neighborhoods Explained

Knoxville Neighborhoods Explained
Posted on 05/17/2016

Knoxville Neighborhoods Explained

Quality Orthodontic Treatment in the Thriving Community of Knoxville

At Myers Orthodontics, we're proud to provide high quality orthodontic treatment to the community of Knoxville, TN. We love what we do, and it brings us joy to be a part of such a strong, wonderful community. Knoxville is a large and diverse area, and each neighborhood offers something unique. For those looking for more information about Knoxville or considering moving here, we've drafted up some information about the different areas within Knoxville and what each one has to offer.

Knoxville Skyline


Northern Knoxville is an up-and-coming sector that's diverse, filled with character, and growing fast. The neighborhoods of North Hills, Fairmont, and Oakwood offer unique architecture, mature gardens, and neighbors across a broad spectrum of ethnicity, income, and political opinion. Wherever you live in northern Knoxville, an interesting mix of architecture and people will surround you!


Separated from the rest of the city by the Tennessee River, South Knoxville is the city's gateway to the mountains and offers a scenic lifestyle not too far from the city. The Island Home, Lake Forest, and Colonial Village neighborhoods feature quaint homes, diverse neighbors, and beautiful scenery, so you'll be surrounded by beauty and nature without losing the excitement of the city.


East Knoxville was once the seat of wealth in the city, and its elegant Magnolia Avenue demonstrates this. Since those days, it's expanded in diversity and adopted a more rural feel, and the neighborhoods of Holston Hills, Corryton, and Strawberry Plains offer friendly neighbors and plenty of acreage for those looking for a more rural experience mere minutes from the city. 


Knoxville has been expanding west since America's move to the suburbs after the Second World War, and West Knoxville offers the broadest range of amenities, stores, and grand, beautiful homes. The premier neighborhoods of Sequoyah Hills, Forest Heights, and Farragut all offer beautiful architecture, convenient and diverse shopping outlets, and beautiful bike paths and parks.


For those looking for more hustle and bustle, the downtown area has seen an expansion of amenities and housing developments, making it more convenient and livable than ever. Fourth and Gill, The Old City, and the larger downtown area offer a mix of loft apartments, condos, and old-style homes right in the heart of the lively city, providing a diverse living experience with almost any amenity or attraction in walking district. Downtown has one more advantage - we'll likely be moving there this summer! 

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If you're looking to move to Knoxville, in addition to finding housing, you'll also need a new orthodontist - and we can help with that. We offer a wide range of treatments and can correct almost any orthodontic condition, and we maintain a warm and inviting environment in our office. To find out more about our office or book a free consultation to see how orthodontics can help you, feel free to call us at (865) 687-6560, reach out to us at our contact page, or use our easy online form to schedule your complimentary consultation at one of our offices. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to welcoming you to Knoxville and helping you achieve a beautiful new smile!