2021 New Year's Resolutions for Your Teeth

2021 New Year's Resolutions for Your Teeth
Posted on 01/07/2021

2021 is here and Myers Orthodontics can help you achieve your new year’s resolutions for your dental health. With advanced technology and research today in dentistry, taking advantage of positive ways to care for your oral health can lead to a lifelong beautiful smile, prevention of problems to arise, and less costly treatments in the long run. There are many easy and affordable ways to take care of your smile.

Dental Check Ups and Cleanings

It is recommended to have dental check ups and cleanings twice a year to exam you for problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible and/or prevent common problems. Cleanings are necessary to deep clean your teeth because standard flossing, brushing, and mouthwash are not always enough to maintain oral health in tip-top shape. Please contact your family dentist to schedule appointments and discuss concerns.

Health Habits: Brushing, Flossing, and Mouthwash

Maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits can prevent many problems. We recommend brushing twice a day for two minutes and using a toothpaste with fluoride. Flossing once a day at night is crucial to get out trapped food in between teeth. We also recommend a WaterPik for patients with braces to reach hard to get places that even standard floss can’t reach. Mouthwash with fluoride twice a day is important as well to prevent bad breath, reduce bacteria, and remove plaque.

Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic braces are key for having the best oral hygiene. We urge parents to start early orthodontic treatment for their children at age seven. Braces are put on around adolescent years. You are never too old for braces! Braces can help improve your self esteem by being confident in your smile. Braces also help align your jaw to improve your bite and as you chew your food. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean. After braces, it is crucial to maintain wearing your retainer every night for the rest of your life. A beautiful smile is a healthy smile! At Myers Orthodontics, we offer many types of braces to fit you or your child’s needs, such as traditional metal braces, clear braces (ceramic), lingual braces, and Invisalign.

Foods to Avoid

There are many foods to avoid or that should be kept in moderation. Sticky foods can get stuck on braces and cause them to pop off. Sugary food should also be avoided because sugar can cause tooth decay, also known as cavities. Hard foods should also be avoided or eaten carefully. These foods can crack a tooth or crack wires on braces. Myers Orthodontics offers Invisalign, which is a great alternative to braces for many patients. One great thing about Invisalign is you can take them out when you eat, not having to worry about avoiding foods that can crack or pop off your braces.

Contact Your Knoxville, TN Orthodontist

Contact Myers Orthodontics in Knoxville, TN to schedule your consultation. Myers Orthodontics can help patients with their 2021 resolutions for their teeth. Start off 2021 right by making your oral health a priority!