Benefits Of Flossing

Benefits Of Flossing
Posted on 09/01/2018

Benefits Of Flossing

No matter who well you look after your teeth, there is always going to be areas and crevices that you simply can’t get into. Regular flossing also disrupts the bacteria from turning into plaque, which is a sticky coating of yellowish substance that stains and damages your teeth over time. Together, daily brushing and flossing forms the bedrock of at-home preventative oral care.

At Myers Orthodontics, one of the most common questions that we get from patients is, “why do I need to floss?” So, we wanted to give you a comprehensive list of reasons why flossing can be beneficial to you!

Preventing Tartar Build-Up

When teeth are not properly cleaned and often neglected, plaque tends to build up on your teeth and accumulates everyday that you don’t clean it. When plaque goes unnoticed, it often turn into tartar that hardens on your teeth.

Daily flossing should be the solution here. Along with brushing your teeth on a daily basis, flossing the cracks and crevices of your teeth should rid you of any plaque or tartar build up. Regular flossing disrupts the bacteria in your mouth from turning into plaque meaning the more frequently you’re flossing, the less likely you are to have unwanted plaque in your teeth.

Getting Rid Of Bad Breath

The bacteria that you accumulate in your teeth can emit a very strong odor. As time goes on, this odor will get worse depending on general upkeep of your oral hygiene. Daily flossing can help to remove the smelly odor from your mouth, while keeping your breath fresh and teeth free from unsightly food particles.

A frequently asked question is, “shouldn’t brushing my teeth be enough?” The short answer is: no. Brushing your teeth is great for initial housekeeping and making sure you are doing your due diligence. However, if you want a healthy, vibrant smile, you want to take the extra step and floss your teeth.

Avoid Getting Gum Disease

There is such a thing as excess plaque. When you don’t properly watch after your teeth and allow an unhealthy amount of plaque to build up, this can lead to gum disease. Gum disease refers primarily to the infection of the gums and its surrounding areas. 

When plaque slowly eats away and erodes your soft gum tissue, it causes what is known as periodontal disease. This can result in extreme decay and root canal issues. An effective deterrence to plaque build-up is to remove the bacteria at the base of the teeth through flossing.

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