How to Get Your Kids Excited About Their Braces

How to Get Your Kids Excited About Their Braces
Posted on 02/09/2022

You’ve suspected for a while and your local Fountain City, TN orthodontist confirmed it - your child needs braces. Although it’s completely normal and very common for kids and teens to undergo orthodontic treatment, your child may not see it that way. At Myers Orthodontics, we understand that braces may not be the most exciting milestone for kids, however, having a straight, beautiful smile is definitely something to brag about. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to get your child excited about getting braces in Halls, TN!

Everyone Gets Braces These Days

Show your child that they are not alone, everyone gets braces! Print out pictures of their favorite celebrities with braces or a picture of Mom and Dad with braces. Talk to other parents and explain how many of your child’s friends will be getting braces at the exact same time as them. In fact, if they didn’t get braces, they may be the ones getting left out. Ask our orthodontist in Fountain City, TN for “before and after photos” of other patients!


Orthodontic Treatment Is Not Forever

Myers Orthodontics encourages you to remind your child that braces are not forever. In reality, they will only have braces for a very short period of time, typically 1-2 years. Their treatment will fly by and will be done before they even know it.

The Last Hurrah Before Braces

Prior to your child getting braces in Fountain City, TN, plan a “pre-braces activity.” This can be anything that may help your child get excited about braces - their favorite activity, a party with friends and family, tickets to a concert or sporting event, or a small weekend getaway. Whichever activity you plan, we suggest integrating some snacks that they won’t be able to eat once their braces are put on - popcorn, sticky candy, hard candy, and bubblegum, for example.

Follow Their Orthodontic Progress

The fun part of braces is seeing your child’s teeth transform over a few weeks and months. Make tracking their orthodontic progress fun and routine. We recommend taking a “before photo” and setting a timeline for “update photos.” Updates can be taken every month or every three months, whatever works best to encourage your child about their upcoming Halls, TN braces!

Schedule Your Child’s First Orthodontic Appointment at Myers Orthodontics!

Give your child the gift of confidence with a bright, beautiful smile. Contact Myers Orthodontics in Fountain City, TN to schedule your child’s first orthodontic appointment for braces. We look forward to starting their orthodontic journey!