Signs Your Child Might Need Orthodontic Treatment

Signs Your Child Might Need Orthodontic Treatment
Posted on 02/09/2022

Although your child’s teeth may look straight, they still may need braces. In fact, there are many orthodontic problems that can be adjusted with braces. There are subtle signs that your child may need braces, even if you think their teeth are straight enough. At Myers Orthodontics, we are passionate about providing functional smiles at an affordable price. We believe that every patient who sees our family orthodontist in North Knoxville deserves a beautiful smile that is aligned to help them chew and speak properly on a daily basis.

Crowded Teeth

Crowding is the most common sign you need braces. Braces can help with even minor crowding that may not seem like an issue. Crowding means there is not enough space for all of your child’s teeth and it can make it difficult to clean in between each tooth. These difficulties can quickly lead to cavities, built-up plaque, and tartar and gum disease. Avoid these dental issues by getting braces for crowded teeth!



Although gaps and spaces normally are not harmful in terms of dental or orthodontic health, they can be unwanted. If you don’t love the gap between your child’s teeth, let Myers Orthodontics help. Our family orthodontist in Halls, TN can easily adjust the gap or spaces between your child’s teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile.


An overbite occurs when the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth. Unfortunately, overbites can lead to extreme tooth wear as well as gum recession, and they put your child at a higher risk of front tooth trauma.


An underbite is the opposite of an overbite, the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth. Most patients with an underbite experience issues chewing and biting. Additionally, patients with an underbite might have imbalanced facial features because of the way their teeth and jaw are aligned. Braces can help with these issues.


A crossbite is an in-between of an overbite and underbite and a sign your child needs braces. Patients with a crossbite will exhibit some upper teeth overlapping their bottom teeth and at the same time, some bottom teeth overlapping their top teeth. This is an abnormal bite and should definitely not go untreated.

Open Bite

An open bite occurs when a patient bites down but their top teeth and bottom teeth do not touch. This can cause problems chewing, biting, and potentially speaking clearly. If your child is experiencing an open bite, contact our family orthodontist in North Knoxville to see if braces would be a good option!

Schedule Your Child’s First Appointment for Braces at Myers Orthodontics!

If you have noticed one of these signs in your child, contact Myers Orthodontics! Our team of highly-skilled, experienced staff and our family orthodontist in Halls, TN will evaluate your child’s smile, alignment, and jaw to determine if they’d be a good candidate for braces. Discover how braces can transform your child’s smile today!