Tips for Cleaning a Hawley Retainer

Posted on 09/30/2022

After the entire time of wearing braces, your child may be surprised to learn that orthodontic visits aren't quite over yet. A retainer is necessary to hold the formerly braced teeth in their current position. The length of time the retainer has to be worn each day and the number of months or years it has to be worn varies from child to child.

One very important thing to do during this period is to continue wearing the retainer as directed by Myers Orthodontics and clean the retainer daily. If your child is given a Hawley retainer, he or she is in luck as this is probably one of the easiest retainers to clean. Some helpful tips for cleaning a Hawley retainer are as follows.

After Braces Fountain City, TN, Orthodontist Expects Brushing Retainer

A Hawley retainer consists of a thin bit of orthodontic wire enmeshed into a hard dental acrylic plate. The upper version is molded to the wearer's hard and soft palates, while the lower version hugs the rear walls of the teeth. A Bearden orthodontist always asks patients to use their toothbrushes and brush the retainer's wires and hard plastic to destroy sugars and potential germs that can cause tooth decay.

Bearden Orthodontist Sometimes Recommends Soaking the Retainer Overnight

Like dentures, a retainer may also be soaked overnight in a dental cleaning solution. The wearer that is allowed a nighttime break from the retainer puts the retainer in a denture cup and soaks it with tablets the orthodontist provides. Then the retainer is perfectly clean to wear the next morning.

Remove the Retainer When Eating and Rinse Before Putting It Back In Your Mouth

It's important to reduce the amount of plaque that can build up on a retainer. Even though the retainer isn't organic, it can still collect plaque like the gums and teeth. Rinsing the retainer every time it is removed from one's mouth and rinsing it again before putting it back in the mouth helps remove this plaque buildup.

No Food Restrictions After Braces but Fountain City, TN, Orthodontist Says Eat Smarter

While there certainly aren't any off-limits foods after the braces come off, some orthodontists still suggest avoiding sticky and chewy foods. Sticky and chewy foods can get stuck on the wires of the retainer. Then you have to do a really good job of cleaning it.

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