How to Build A Back-to-School Braces Kit

How to Build A Back-to-School Braces Kit
Posted on 09/01/2017

Summer has come to a close and school is back in session, which means it's time for those who just got braces over the summer to start preparing their back to school braces kit. At Myers Orthodontics, we want to make sure you stay on the path to that perfect, new smile, which is why we’ve put together this guide on how to put together the best braces kit to take care of your braces during school.

Why Do I Need A Braces Kit For School?

Caring for your braces and a proper oral hygiene routine are absolutely essential if you want a smile that’s truly perfect once you finally get those braces off. If you don’t take care of them, your teeth can suffer from tooth decay or other issues, possibly extending the amount of time you need braces, or just causing serious dental and orthodontic problems. That’s why wherever you go, you should take your braces kit with you, especially school. All of the tools inside are exactly what you need to ensure that you’re keeping your braces and teeth in tip-top shape.

The Braces Kit Checklist

Below is the checklist that you can use when building your own back to school braces care kit. These are just the essentials that we recommend, but if you feel like you should add something, you definitely can.

  • Floss & Floss Threader

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • Extra Rubber Bands

  • Braces Wax

  • Small Mirror

  • Ibuprofen*

*Only to be taken under supervision (for children) and a small dosage.

If you’re not sure where to get any of these materials or have any questions about why you would need them or how to use them, just contact us at Myers Orthodontics and we’ll be more than happy to help you assemble your braces kit.

Give Your Smile The Best Care

Don’t let that perfect smile in your future waste away because you didn’t take care of your teeth or braces properly. By building the perfect braces kit for the adventure of the new school year, you’ll be able to maintain a great oral hygiene routine so that getting your braces off will reveal nothing other than a flawless smile. If you have any questions about orthodontic treatment or creating a braces kit, just contact us at Myers Orthodontics, and one of our professional staff members will help you. We look forward to being at your side on this journey for the perfect smile!